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How to upload and delete documents to my questionnaire?
How to upload and delete documents to my questionnaire?
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Uploading Documents

When answering the questionnaire, you'll see the paperclip icon next to it if you select an answer that requires a link. Click on it and upload a new document, or select a previously uploaded one.


  • You can manage all of your uploaded documents from the Doc library.

  • Each document can be used as a reference for several answers if necessary. Therefore, you only need to upload each document once.

Deleting Documents

If you wish to remove a document while working on the questionnaire, go to the Doc library and click the bin icon on the right. A message box will appear asking you to confirm your choice.

Please remember that once the document is deleted, it won't be sent to CyberVadis, and all the associated references will be lost.


You can use the search functionality to find specific document(s) intended to be deleted in case many documents have already been uploaded to the Doc library.

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