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Track your improvement with the CyberVadis Improvement Plan
Track your improvement with the CyberVadis Improvement Plan

Discover more about how you could develop your security posture using CyberVadis improvement plan

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CyberVadis improvement plan allows you to see a prioritised list of your company’s improvement actions and the possibility to track individual actions to develop your security posture using our Kanban-style board.

The plan is also shared with business partners with whom you’ve shared your CyberVadis Performance. Enabling them to view your progress as you implement recommended improvements.

Getting started working on improvements couldn’t be easier! Simply move improvement actions from one column to the next to indicate the action’s current status (to do, in progress or completed).

Need a helping hand on how to proceed further with a specific improvement?

You can find guidelines in each improvement action card of your Improvement Plan to help you implement these actions.

On each improvement card, you will see an expected impact located on the top right corner. This indicates how much the specific action will affect the overall score. The maximum score achievable upon a full reassessment is shown below.

Based on the actions completed and moved to the last column, a potential new overall score will be forecasted and displayed at the top of the page. Your client will also be able to see this new overall score.

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