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Malware prevention at CyberVadis
Malware prevention at CyberVadis
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Malware security is an essential aspect of computer and network security, as malware (malicious software) is a type of software designed to harm, disrupt, or exploit computer networks.

At CyberVadis, all documents received are scanned for viruses, worms, trojans, and other kinds of malicious content before being stored. Scanning is being performed strictly within CyberVadis infrastructure with always-up-to-date malware definitions.

The CyberVadis Infrastructure

CyberVadis’ infrastructure is based mainly on Azure’s PaaS components. The platform is created in accordance with a micro-services architecture where each service owns an isolated storage layer related to its domain. From a customer perspective, it is a multi-tenant architecture with logical separation between clients and physical separation between environments.

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