CyberVadis is the cybersecurity solution developed by EcoVadis, a fast growing, 14-year-old company that is a world leader in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability ratings. 

Our solution provides sharable cybersecurity ratings based on analyst-validated third-party risk assessments

CyberVadis is the world’s first scalable solution for covering the full risk-assessment process.  We manage everything, from engaging vendors directly to validating results with our in-house team of security analysts. 

We aim to help companies in successfully improving their cybersecurity practices and performance. Through the results of our assessment, companies will be able to identify potential risks and gaps in their vendors’ systems that may represent a high risk on company data confidentiality or be critical to business processes.

Our collaborative platform enables companies in monitoring the cybersecurity performance of their own company and of their vendors across several sectors and countries. 

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