What is cybersecurity?

Find out more about the basic elements of cybersecurity and also how CyberVadis relates to the topic

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Cybersecurity, also known as Information security or IT security, is the protection of a company’s assets (hardware, data, premises, intellectual property, people) against misuse, theft, corruption, and destruction, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services it provides.

Within a corporate setting, a comprehensive security framework is composed of multiple components, including technologies, practices, and processes. The main purpose of this framework is to protect a company's information system from unauthorized access and damage. The framework employs various methods, tools, and practices to ensure computer systems and networks are safeguarded against various threats.

CyberVadis provides a risk management solution that helps companies better understand their cybersecurity practices, identifying strengths and areas of risk. Our aim is to assist companies in enhancing their cybersecurity performance. The CyberVadis platform employs both automated and human expertise to assess companies' cybersecurity and data privacy performance across different industries, utilizing widely recognized standards such as ISO 27001, NIST, and GDPR.

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