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What is the aim of the assessment?
What is the aim of the assessment?

Learn more about the main benefits of the assessment

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The objective of the assessment is to get a clear picture of your cybersecurity performance based on four themes: Identify, Protect, Detect and React. The benefits include the following:

The assessment marks the beginning of ongoing monitoring of your company's cybersecurity performance. The assessment is based on four key themes, and you will receive detailed feedback on your company's strengths and areas for improvement. This will help you understand your cybersecurity position compared to your competitors and enable you to meet your client's needs. The CyberVadis assessment process offers several additional benefits, including:

  • Possibility to share your scorecard with an unlimited number of potential and existing partners to leverage your cybersecurity posture as a competitive advantage

  • As a first-level check, Scorecard details define your company’s cybersecurity practices, strengths and risk areas

  • Our collaborative platform allows vendors and clients to work together towards future improvements, strengthening their long-term relationships

  • The CyberVadis methodology is founded on widely recognised standards and certifications. Your scorecard may serve as a reference for future cybersecurity evaluations

  • Companies must prove compliance with GDPR data privacy. CyberVadis verifies the implementation of measures to respect rules

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