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Subscription Renewal
Subscription Renewal
Written by Adilah Toorabally
Updated over a week ago

The CyberVadis subscription model is based on tacit renewal, so renewal is done annually as agreed upon at your registration. This assessment strengthens your position because it gives your existing and potential clients an objective and expert assessment of the security measures you have in place within your organization. CyberVadis assesses your company as a whole, and we encourage annual reassessment as per below:

  • In the InfoSec field, potential threats and risks are identified regularly. After 12 months (an acceptable time frame), all companies should be re-evaluated to have a more accurate and up-to-date Score of their ISMS posture.

  • Following the 12 months, we assume that companies are working on a customized improvement plan to improve their ISMS posture and, therefore, potentially improve their Scores compared to the previous year.

  • Cybersecurity assessment results (Scorecard) can be shared and communicated with your existing and potential clients. As such, many clients will be interested in having more up-to-date Scorecards.

  • As the GDPR laws are being enforced, these security measures and assessments are gradually becoming the norm in the corporate environment. Up-to-date evaluation and results should help to be compliant.

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