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What is a supporting document, and what is required from you?
What is a supporting document, and what is required from you?

Explanation about evidences and their importance

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As you complete the questionnaire, it is important that you provide supporting documents such as policies, action plans, and other relevant materials to back up your answers. Our team of cybersecurity experts will study these documents to assess the security rating of your company.

Whenever you see a paperclip icon, you can link one of your answers and one of your cybersecurity documents (or a section of a document) to support your response. All the information you provide must be accurate, complete, and reliable.

Moreover, please make sure that the data meets all the legal requirements, including those related to personal data privacy.

As the company, you are responsible for taking appropriate measures to ensure compliance with these requirements.


Your cybersecurity documents are going to play a vital role in the assessment. Please ensure you upload all relevant documents to ensure a fully representative assessment of your company’s cybersecurity maturity.

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