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What if I disagree with my current CyberVadis assessment?
What if I disagree with my current CyberVadis assessment?

Questions about your assessment results? Here's a guide as to what you can do

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Your assessment results from your responses being passed through the CyberVadis methodology, a transparent and rigorous model based on international standards that ensures its quality and reliability. However, despite this, you might still have some questions regarding your results if you require some additional insight into how we came up with both your Scorecard and Improvement Plan.

It's totally natural that you might have questions regarding your assessment results! So, in these instances, CyberVadis can be available to answer questions regarding the assessment in two ways:

1. Companies can contact us with a list of specific questions that will be transferred to the analyst in charge of the assessment. The analyst will respond in detail via email within 10 working days. This service comes at no additional cost.

2. Besides the services described above, CyberVadis can offer a paid one-hour evaluation debrief, consisting of a web conference with one of our expert analysts. Before the call, we kindly ask that you provide a list of specific items for discussion so our analyst can prepare a thorough response for you.

We are here to help if you have any questions at

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