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Making reassessments easy: A Step-by-Step Guide
Making reassessments easy: A Step-by-Step Guide
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To simplify the reassessment process, your questionnaire will be pre-filled with information from the previous assessment.

Reassessment has never been easier - there's no need to start the reassessment questionnaire from scratch, just review and update the controls and evidence as needed:

  • The questionnaire is prefilled with answers from your previous assessment

  • Review all evidence attached in the previous assessment

  • Make sure the evidence has not expired and is the latest version available

What do the steps look like?

  1. From the questionnaire summary page, you can start your reassessment by first answering the qualification questions again. This step is essential to ensure that your company is assessed correctly each time.

2. You will then get an updated questionnaire summary.

3. You can now start answering your reassessment. If your answers to the qualification questions have evolved, the questions will also evolve. You will see that some questions may be new, and others will be prefilled.

4. Controls declared in the previous assessment will be automatically declared on reassessment. Therefore, evidence attached to these previously declared controls will appear in the review section for each control.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which documents will be attached as evidence to review?

All documents uploaded to our platform by the company and attached to the previous questionnaire will be available for review unless they have been deleted since.

2. When are documents deleted?

Documents can be deleted either manually, automatically or on-demand via the Support Team :

  • Documents which have been deleted manually on the platform between the previous assessment and the current assessment will not be available as evidence to review.

  • Documents are automatically deleted three (3) years after their last use. In essence, documents not attached to an assessment in the last 3 years will be deleted. These documents will not be available as evidence for review.

  • Documents can also be deleted upon request via our Support Team. However, these documents will not be available as evidence for review in your next reassessment.

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